All’s Well 

Alright, so it’s been 7 days of going vegan and I have officially given up. I know, readers, I’ve dissapointed you, but it wasn’t a smart choice on my part. I’m always the last one to admit that I’m wrong, but as of right now I know that I need to take care of myself. 

Around Thursday I started to notice a change in my moods and in my behaviors. I wasn’t sluggish, but I was always hungry. I don’t mean the type of hungry that you can satisfy. I’m talking level 9: HANGRY with episodes of blinding rage. 

I live a pretty active lifestyle. I’m out at school and working about a good chunk of the time. When it’s almost impossible to eat anything when you’re out of the house it gets really troublesome. 

I had been having cravings for meat, daily, which I usually never have but without the consistent intake of cheese I wasn’t getting enough protein anywhere. I don’t eat enough beans and vegetables to sustain myself. 

It only took one week for me to understand what my body was trying to tell me: “Eat everything in moderation.” Being a pescatarian is still the perfect option for me, and even then I don’t enjoy fish all that often, but giving up cheese and eggs? Not an option, at least not right now. It isn’t practical for my lifestyle. 

Being a vegan is lonely! 85% of my friends invited me over for dinner or something involving food and every time I had to say “no, I’m going vegan for 30 days.” Shit is depressing, yo. It’s like being a Christmas tree the day after Christmas, you’re kind of irrelevant. 

People also make you feel bad. It is depressing when your friends are like “we’re having a movie night and getting pizza.” BUT YOU CAN’T PARTAKE IN THAT. 

You have to dedicate a lot of time to being vegan, between meal prep and trying to figure out what you can eat it gets annoying. I’m still going to continue trying to eat right and better, but just keep health conscious. It isn’t fair to beat yourself up because you have a bad splurge. You need to take care of yourself. 


Guess Who’s Back, Back, Back Again?


So incredibly sorry for the hiatus, I really should have kept posting and making sure my blog stayed fresh, but it has been a stressful couple of months! A recommendation to all: NEVER (and I truly do mean NEVER) take up 6 hours in summer school, an internship, and working 27(+) hours a week.

I’m surprised my alopecia didn’t come back up and my hair started falling out. That happened in 2014 and the week of finals that almost killed me.

I was literally working from 9-11 Monday through Friday, but it’s cool! Now, it’s fall semester and I’m chillin’, enjoying school, and LIFE.

Another reason I haven’t been blogging as much is because I’m happy! I’m so happy it’s stupid. It’s like my mouth is stuck in a permanent smile 95% of the time. I look like an emoji. I have great friends, a decent job that doesn’t suck, a happy living situation, and food in my belly. What do I have to complain about?

Two years ago, I was facing a deep depression that I didn’t think I would escape, but HERE I AM. I watch too much Netflix, eat too much cheese, and am a self-centered narcissist, obviously, if I expect you to read a blog on my life, AND I’M HAPPY.

This blog has helped me push through a lot of walls, and I’m still on my journey to be as health conscious as possible, but I will not sacrifice flavor for “health.” My best friends got me this awesome vegan cookbook “Thug Kitchen,” for my birthday so I’m about to turn up!

My roommate has been an off and on again vegan for the last couple of years, so I’m excited to see what we’ll create and how I’m feeling at the end of this 30 day challenge. Hopefully I make it to the end because my other roommate just heated up spaghetti and I’m having cravings, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel! I’ll be updating this blog weekly on how I’m feeling with the change of diet, weight loss, energy levels, and dishes I’ve been cooking.

Can’t wait to see what comes!

End of a Chapter

As the term comes to an end, I’m doing a wrap up blog post of the semester. My digital media class got my creative juices pumping and definitely allowed me to voice my opinion and get my word out there. Being able to share my story has been awesome! I absolutely plan to continue my writing.

Sharing my writing has been surprisingly easy this semester, as well! In between sharing links on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr I’ve been able to spread it like wild fire. Twitter has been the most efficient. People were more likely to retweet a link to my blog, rather than share a post on Facebook.

I never realized how much your word actually matters to people and that they actually want to hear what you have to say. I would like to further my writing and even do some pieces on current news topics. I’ve started a more political blog on Tumblr, but I will continue my focus on health and a better lifestyle on Meditate and Rehabilitate. My Tumblr will show my more liberal side and emphasize on feminism and equal rights for all ethnic backgrounds.

I’d like to one day work with documentaries and hopefully this will be a good outlet to do such. I hope that my blog this semester influenced people to develop a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of their life: mind, body, and soul. I know that trying to tackle self esteem and/ or health issues is a hurdle many people face daily, but if my blog has given them a tiny bit of confidence I have (with any luck) made an impact on people and left my footprint.

One of my zumba instructors, Kristia Garcia, a junior at Texas State finds herself in the same predicament that many women do. Garcia says, “Sometimes I tell my boyfriend ‘No, don’t hug me, I feel fat today.’ Being a girl, I got that mind set [engrained into me.]” Her advice to women battling with self-esteem issues is to “just keep doing what you love, whether it is singing, dancing, a sport, just keep doing it. Don’t stop. If it makes you happy, continue.”

In closing, as any Disney fan would say, in the voice of Ellen Degeneres,

A Spoonful of Sugar

Exercise is important, but one day at the gym doesn’t entitle you to eat whatever you want. A healthy lifestyle is not just killing yourself at the gym to lose those extra 15 pounds. It is a process to slowly develop a better lifestyle. You definitely don’t just wake up one day and decide to change everything. It is a slow process; motivation is hard to find, for everyone.

What I personally love about exercising is setting personal records. Competition is great, but when I go to the gym I need to focus on bettering my own standards. Everyone has different goals and sets different targets. When I exercise with my workout partner it helps me to reach new goals, but I spend too much time trying to surpass her. Her core strength is much more developed than mine, but my legs are stronger than hers. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. My motivation when I workout is to set a personal best.

Cardio is my biggest pain. I don’t understand how people can just casually go for a run. That is anything but enjoyable, but some people find it to be relaxing. I interviewed sophomore at Texas State University, Alex Waldie, and he finds running to be especially satisfying and a stress reliever when classes gets to be too nerve-wracking. “It helps me clear my mind so I can do more and continue to do better in school,” Waldie says.DSC04691 He feels as if he is healthier and physically feels better when he gets a workout in. Waldie completes a full body workout over 4 days, working on arms, legs, back, and abs. “I clear my mind whenever I’m working out.” Waldie feels confident whenever he is putting out work. “The people who look amazing at the gym look amazing because that’s their main focus. I don’t feel the pressure to look like them because that’s not mine. My main focus is school and life in general.”

Although Waldie does exercise he pairs it with a good diet and eating well. “I fill up on fruits and vegetables.” He tries to drink protein shakes to balance out for the lack of protein available on campus. “I try to stay away from processed foods and [am trying] to completely stop on sugars.” He feels healthier when he puts better food into his system.

I watched a documentary this weekend, Fed Up, and it was quite the eye-opener. It goes into the lives of 3 kids and takes it one step further to show that being physically active is not the only determining factor in weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The number one contributor to obesity in the United States is sugar. Did you know that it has the same addictive purposes as cocaine? sugar cocaine brain PET scanOne of the kids was 12 years old and 212 pounds. She was frustrated with her weight, because although she was incredibly active, she wasn’t getting any progress because of her daily intake of sugar.

Staying away from processed foods is the easiest way to a better lifestyle. I try my hardest to switch out high starch options for fruits or vegetables. Simple switches get your body moving; I don’t feel sluggish or lazy when I choose an apple over a bag of chips. You know that saying “you are what you eat?” Don’t be fast or cheap!

Every Stressed College Student: Stop and Read This Now

Thought Catalog

The Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games

Before you read this, take a moment. Make a list of 5 things (simple things) you are grateful for.

Ready, go.

Now read:

Dear fellow academians, nerdy engineers, hopeful future doctors, lawyers, movers, and shakers of the world, college students enduring the final round of hunger games (higher education edition), this is your reality check:

It’s finals week and you’re all stressed to the brim of your intellectual capacity. You have 4 exams, 3 papers, a thesis proposal, research presentation, and 975 other things you’d rather do, all weighing you down like an anchor strapped to your waist. You’re stressed, and you’re anxious. You may be at your breaking point, and if you’re like I was this morning, you may be crying into your morning Americano at the Starbucks in the city’s center over the fact that your life is just a shitshow extravaganza right now. If…

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Competition ≠ Comparison

The act of comparison is infused into our daily life since the day you come into this world. Survival is our main goal. How animalistic, no? The goal is to be the best in every aspect: intellectually, physically, and socially.

The idea of comparison is pure poison. Healthy competition is one thing but diving into a pool of disparity because of your differences is another. As a species, we have a natural instinct to be the best. I hate that I am constantly comparing myself to others. I can’t sit in a room with my friends and not have the driving thought that they are prettier, smarter, or thinner than I am. It is a disgusting habit. I am in this constant cycle of thinking that I am not approachable because my friends are that beautiful.

What people seem to forget is that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. To me, the people in my life are extraordinary. There is so much more to them than just what everyone can see: passion, tenderness, intelligence, generosity, and bravery. What seems to be forgotten is that if you can see that in them, wouldn’t they be able to see the beauty in you?

Physicalities are strictly that: physicalities. You don’t choose to befriend or pursue someone based off of his or her looks. Everyone has different tastes, in literally everything. I don’t like green beans or oatmeal, but I love Brussels sprouts, which are the one vegetable that seems to be universally hated in every movie you watch as a kid. I have a friend that hates Facebook and doesn’t understand why people still use it, but with it 1.15 billion users it is the largest social network in the world. The commonly accepted views in society are usual but there are also different societal trends that aren’t “normal” to everyone. The population is so different. Just because you think your freckles on your shoulders are odd doesn’t meant that someone else finds them lovely.

In the movie Shallow Hal, he is hypnotized to only see woman for their inner beauty. His friend Mauricio tries to snap him out of it and change the hypnosis put on him.

Hal: Let me ask you something. Who is the all-time love of your life?
Mauricio: [ponders] Wonder Woman.
Hal: Okay… let’s say Wonder Woman falls in love with you. And everyone else in the world didn’t find her attractive.
Mauricio: It wouldn’t matter. Because I know they’d be wrong.
Hal: See! That’s what I had with Rosemary! I saw a knockout, I don’t care what anybody else saw!
Mauricio: You’re right. I guess I really did screw you, huh?

Movies from the early 2000’s definitely dropped some knowledge, even if it only go 3 out of 5 stars. To me, Seth Rogen is my idea of the ideal. I share that with my friends and they automatically groan and say “Oh, that’s so you,” and they are right! That is so me because they are my personal preferences. If by some miracle I ever met Seth Rogen and we started dating I would shout it from the rooftops. I’d be happy regardless of others opinions because to me he is awesome! That goes for anyone and their opinions. Your opinion of yourself and other’s is important to you, but not necessarily to anyone else.

Polonious’ last piece of advice to Laertes in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.
Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!

Stay true to your heart. Who gives a shit what anyone has to say? Your opinions are valid, unless you’re racist, prejudice, or just a schmuck. Choose to spread love and kindness. Choose to see the beauty in life and people, rather than spreading animosity or bitterness.

Doin’ You

The best part about being in college is the feeling of everyone going through a similar situation. Everyone in his or her early twenties seems to be in a crisis mode. Gaining the freshman fifteen, trying to balance out schoolwork and social life, and trying to get enough sleep are things that practically every college student is going through. My friend and fellow blogger, Kelly Dunn, focuses on being relatable and trying to better your lifestyle in her blog Keys By Kell 101.

Her blog has a very similar subject topic as mine, but continues it one step further and talks about relationship advice, traveling, and having fun! She gives tips and fun ways to spin different recipes to create a healthy lifestyle for you. One tip that I really enjoyed was substitution of grains for gluten free options. Incorporating relaxation, she recommends traveling to clear your mind. Kelly took a trip, herself, to South Padre Island this spring break to relax in the middle of a hectic semester.

I recommend reading Kelly’s blog if you’re feeling fun and carefree today. Her blog gives good vibes and positive motivation to get you going! Thoughtful words and great advice are plentiful in her posts. She definitely glows by “doing you” and being the best version of herself.