End of a Chapter

As the term comes to an end, I’m doing a wrap up blog post of the semester. My digital media class got my creative juices pumping and definitely allowed me to voice my opinion and get my word out there. Being able to share my story has been awesome! I absolutely plan to continue my writing.

Sharing my writing has been surprisingly easy this semester, as well! In between sharing links on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr I’ve been able to spread it like wild fire. Twitter has been the most efficient. People were more likely to retweet a link to my blog, rather than share a post on Facebook.

I never realized how much your word actually matters to people and that they actually want to hear what you have to say. I would like to further my writing and even do some pieces on current news topics. I’ve started a more political blog on Tumblr, but I will continue my focus on health and a better lifestyle on Meditate and Rehabilitate. My Tumblr will show my more liberal side and emphasize on feminism and equal rights for all ethnic backgrounds.

I’d like to one day work with documentaries and hopefully this will be a good outlet to do such. I hope that my blog this semester influenced people to develop a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of their life: mind, body, and soul. I know that trying to tackle self esteem and/ or health issues is a hurdle many people face daily, but if my blog has given them a tiny bit of confidence I have (with any luck) made an impact on people and left my footprint.

One of my zumba instructors, Kristia Garcia, a junior at Texas State finds herself in the same predicament that many women do. Garcia says, “Sometimes I tell my boyfriend ‘No, don’t hug me, I feel fat today.’ Being a girl, I got that mind set [engrained into me.]” Her advice to women battling with self-esteem issues is to “just keep doing what you love, whether it is singing, dancing, a sport, just keep doing it. Don’t stop. If it makes you happy, continue.”

In closing, as any Disney fan would say, in the voice of Ellen Degeneres,


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