All’s Well 

Alright, so it’s been 7 days of going vegan and I have officially given up. I know, readers, I’ve dissapointed you, but it wasn’t a smart choice on my part. I’m always the last one to admit that I’m wrong, but as of right now I know that I need to take care of myself. 

Around Thursday I started to notice a change in my moods and in my behaviors. I wasn’t sluggish, but I was always hungry. I don’t mean the type of hungry that you can satisfy. I’m talking level 9: HANGRY with episodes of blinding rage. 

I live a pretty active lifestyle. I’m out at school and working about a good chunk of the time. When it’s almost impossible to eat anything when you’re out of the house it gets really troublesome. 

I had been having cravings for meat, daily, which I usually never have but without the consistent intake of cheese I wasn’t getting enough protein anywhere. I don’t eat enough beans and vegetables to sustain myself. 

It only took one week for me to understand what my body was trying to tell me: “Eat everything in moderation.” Being a pescatarian is still the perfect option for me, and even then I don’t enjoy fish all that often, but giving up cheese and eggs? Not an option, at least not right now. It isn’t practical for my lifestyle. 

Being a vegan is lonely! 85% of my friends invited me over for dinner or something involving food and every time I had to say “no, I’m going vegan for 30 days.” Shit is depressing, yo. It’s like being a Christmas tree the day after Christmas, you’re kind of irrelevant. 

People also make you feel bad. It is depressing when your friends are like “we’re having a movie night and getting pizza.” BUT YOU CAN’T PARTAKE IN THAT. 

You have to dedicate a lot of time to being vegan, between meal prep and trying to figure out what you can eat it gets annoying. I’m still going to continue trying to eat right and better, but just keep health conscious. It isn’t fair to beat yourself up because you have a bad splurge. You need to take care of yourself. 


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