Doin’ You

The best part about being in college is the feeling of everyone going through a similar situation. Everyone in his or her early twenties seems to be in a crisis mode. Gaining the freshman fifteen, trying to balance out schoolwork and social life, and trying to get enough sleep are things that practically every college student is going through. My friend and fellow blogger, Kelly Dunn, focuses on being relatable and trying to better your lifestyle in her blog Keys By Kell 101.

Her blog has a very similar subject topic as mine, but continues it one step further and talks about relationship advice, traveling, and having fun! She gives tips and fun ways to spin different recipes to create a healthy lifestyle for you. One tip that I really enjoyed was substitution of grains for gluten free options. Incorporating relaxation, she recommends traveling to clear your mind. Kelly took a trip, herself, to South Padre Island this spring break to relax in the middle of a hectic semester.

I recommend reading Kelly’s blog if you’re feeling fun and carefree today. Her blog gives good vibes and positive motivation to get you going! Thoughtful words and great advice are plentiful in her posts. She definitely glows by “doing you” and being the best version of herself.


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